12 May 2020
AIDA project led by Mobileum, jointly with us, University of Coimbra and CMU Portugal, has officially started.

14 Feb 2020
New CMU Portugal large-scale collaborative research project AIDA has been accepted.

17 November 2019
Cláudia Brito earned a PhD grant from Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia!

8. November 2019
Hugo Carvalho has completed his MSc thesis titled: SafeSpark: A secure data analytics platform using cryptographic technics and trusted hardware. Congratulations!.

8. November 2019
Hugo Abreu has completed his MSc thesis titled: A High-Availability architecture for cloud based databases. Congratulations!.

25. October 2019
Congratulation, we just had a paper accpeted at OPODIS 2019.

26. June 2018
The Database Research @ HASLab website is now live