Vision of a Trusted Database on Untrusted Clouds

Escada Toolkit

ESCADA is a portable and flexible database replication system supporting Apache Derby, PostgreSQL, and MySQL RDBMs.

Escada TPCC

Easy to use JDBC benchmark that closely resembles the TPC-C standard for OLTP.

GORDA Architecture and Programming Interface (GAPI)

GAPI allows portable replication protocols to be easily implemented and reused with different database management systems.


HTAPBench is a benchmarking suite designed for database engines that support hybrid workloads (HTAP) composed of high levels of transactional activity and, at the same time, provide business analytics directly over production data.


Cloud-enabled framework that can be used alone or in conjunction with OpenStack for the automatic and heterogeneous reconfiguration of HBase.


A generic NoSQL framework, together with a set of libraries supporting data processing cryptographic techniques.